• PROSPECTIVE STUDENT INFORMATION (Please read carefully till the end.)

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Detailed information about how to apply to the graduate college of ITU can be found here. Please follow the links at the Istanbul Technical University Registrar's Office's Web site, and chose the Informatics Institute to apply our graduate programs.

The Office of Admissions should receive completed application package by the deadline listed in the following. You can make application to 3 programmes.

Required documents for online application listed below.
1- Diploma or certificate of graduation (is not a requirement for application, but must be delivered if admission is taken)

2- Transcript [If you have attended more than one university, a transcript from each institution must be submitted.]

3- Compulsory official scores on one of the following tests: GRE (minimum 610 (149 in new system) from General quantitative part), or A.L.E.S. (minimum 55). ! Note that validation of ALES and GRE scores are 5 years.

Please click for the GRE concordance table of new-old system.

ALES/GRE condition may not be sought in some non-thesis programs.

Graduate programmes may set higher minimum acceptable scores and interview. Hence we highly recommend you to confirm this score with the department coordinator/link.

4- Official scores for English Proficiency. One of the following scores with given minimum value should be submitted:


Validity Duration



İTÜ Proficiency

2 years




2 years

523/677 + TWE (4/6)

523/677 + TWE (4/6)


2 years




5 years




2 years



* ABOUT TOEFL EXAM: In accordance with the decision taken at the meeting of ITU University Board of Directors dated 15.12.2011 and numbered 914 ; Dating from the fall semester of the 2012-2013 academic year, If TOEFL and IBT test results are from the testing centers in Turkey ,only the results from the examinations of state and private universities accepted by ITU.

* TOEFL ITP and IELTS are not accepted.

* If the native language of the applicant or the official language of the country is English, candidates are exempted from an English certificate.

* Master applications without an English certificate is possible. If the candidate get admission, ITU gives the students one year duration. When the student delivered the certificate he/she can start the courses coming semester. At the end of the given period, the student who is unable to provide the qualification is dismissed from the University.

* PhD applications without an English certificate is also possible. But, the applicants for a PhD program must deliver English certificate up to the registration period. If they don’t deliver a valid English certificate in the registration, they will not be registered.

* For non-thesis programs, the English certificate score is applied as 55 points.

5- Two letters of recommendation: [At least one of the Letters of Recommendation should be filled electronically by a college or university professors you have studied. An e-mail for requiring recommender letter is sent to recommender by the online application system. Then recommender fill the recommendation letter via the link in his/her e-mail or upload the recommendation letter to the system]

6- Statement of Purpose

7- Curriculum Vitae
* After getting admisson, students must deliver below documents to the Student Affairs in Ayazaga Campuss.

• Photocopy of passport
• Residence permit
• Original of diploma (and diploma equivalence from Higher Education Council of Turkey- YÖK for foreign universities)
• Original copy of undergraduate transcript for Master applications and undergraduate and graduate transcript for PhD applications.
• Original and copy of GRE (can be approved through ETS account) or ALES (Akademik Personel ve Lisansüstü Eğitimi Giriş Sınavı).
• Blood type card
• Original of English Proficiency document
• Receipt of tuition fee payment.

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