Master's Degree Thesis Delivery


Post-graduate theses must be written according to ITU Post-Graduate Thesis Guideline. Theses not thus written are not accepted, even if they were approved by the assigned research assistant to control them. In order to avoid waste of time and money, appropriate care should be taken during editing of theses. Please read the guideline first, before starting to write your thesis.

Compatibility of MSc theses with the guideline are controlled by advisers and the Institute of Science and Technology, whereas PhD theses are controlled by a group comprised of advisers, Library of ITU, Institute of Science and Technology, and the Senate of ITU.

You can view the actual thesis template, accepted on June 19th, 2008 by the Senate of ITU here. Thesis prepared according to previous guideline WILL NOT be accepted.

Important: Click here for the ITU Post-Graduate Thesis Guideline and templates.

Duplex printing of the theses in order to avoid wasting paper is optional for white cover copies, and mandatory for blue cover copies.