Informatics Institute faculty member Adem Tekin coauthored paper titled 'SOptimization of PLGA-DSPE Hybrid Nano-Micelles with Enhanced Hydrophobic Capacity for Curcumin Delivery' has been published in 'Pharmaceutical Development and Technology' on 29th September 2023. 

Poly (D, L Lactic-co-Glycolic acid) (PLGA) is an FDA-approved polymer. It is distinguished from other biocompatible polymers by its feasibility of production and safety for intravenous cancer tumor targeting. Curcumin (CUR) is a natural molecule with versatile bioactivities including inhibiting the nuclear Factor kappa B (Nf-kB) levels in cancer cells, increased by chemotherapy agents. Our group previously reported a successful decrease in the p65 (RelA) subunit of Nf-kB using 125μg/ml CUR loaded into PLGA nano-micelles. However, this amount was insufficient to reduce all Nf-kB subunits. This study aimed to increase the hydrophobic capacity of PLGA towards CUR using 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphoethanolamine (DSPE), an FDA-approved phospholipid. PLGA-DSPE hybrid nano-micelles (HNM) were prepared using two different methods, oil-in-water (OiWa) and film preparation-rehydration (FiRe). The encapsulated CUR was successfully increased to 250μg/ml using the FiRe method. Physicochemical characterization of CUR-loaded HNM was performed using DLS FT-IR, DSC, and HPLC. In HNM with a size of 156.6 nm, DSPE, incorporated with all functional groups of PLGA, and CUR was trapped in the core of this structure. The release profile of CUR was suitable for targeted cancer therapy and the Encapsulation Efficacy was 92%.

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  • List of Most Influential Scientists; Associate Professor. B. Uğur Töreyin (article by Dr. John PA Ioannidis, K. W. Boyack and J. Baas published in the journal PLOS Biology)
  • Beltus Nkwawir Wiysobunri, the best project award in the Science category, in the 2020 International Students Project Competition
  • Argenit company, of which Dr. Abdulkerim Çapar is among the founding partners, received the "National-International Supports" First Prize of ITU ARI Teknokent.
  • TÜBİTAK 2242 University Students Project Competition in Priority Areas: Istanbul region first place - Ahmet Burak Özyurt
  • Best Presentation Award at ICAT'18 Conference: Sena Efsun Cebeci, 2018
  • Tubitak Incentive Award; 2016 Assoc. Prof. Adem Tekin
  • “Technical Paper” and “Willis H. Carrier” Award by the American Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Association; 2016 Assist. Prof. Dr. H. Salih Erden
  • Science Heroes Association Young Scientist of the Year Award; 2016 Assoc. B. Uğur Töreyin Best Poster Award at PRACEdays 2016 conference; Samet Demir
  • ITU Most Successful Thesis Award; 2016 Hatice Gokcan

There is also a High Performance Computing Laboratory established with the support of the State Planning Organization within the Institute.