Informatics Institute faculty member Sefer Baday coauthored paper titled 'Synthesis, Computational Studies, and Anti-Tuberculosis Activity of Benzoxazines That Act as RAGE Inhibitors' has been published in 'Applied Microbiology' on 8th February 2023. 


Novel benzoxazines were synthesized by microwave irradiation and tested for their potential binding affinity towards receptors of advanced glycation end products (RAGE). We found that the compound (2-(2-bromophenyl)-6-methyl-2,4-dihydro-1H-benzo[d][1,3]oxazine) (3i) is a lead inhibitor of RAGE. Further, our in silico prediction that benzoxazines dock towards the AGE binding region of RAGE suggests that these ligands could bind effectively at the hydrophobic pocket of the receptor and additionally form key interactions with Arg48 and Arg104, revealing its diversity in developing anti-RAGE drugs to treat AGE–RAGE-dominant disease conditions. Functionally, we herein report the anti-tuberculosis activity of small molecules which could be bioactive in the culture of mycobacterium tuberculosis.