Dr. Kamil Karaçuha Received Award for Excellence in Electromagnetics

by Ayda Fıtrıye Aktaş | Sep 29, 2021
ITU Informatics Institute graduate Dr. Kamil Karaçuha was granted “Leopold B. Felsen Award for Excellence in Electromagnetics” bestowed by Leopold B. Felsen Fund.

ITU Informatics Institute graduate Dr. Kamil Karaçuha was granted “Leopold B. Felsen Award for Excellence in Electromagnetics” bestowed by Leopold B. Felsen Fund.

Leopold B. Felsen Fund has been bestowing Leopold B. Felsen Award for Excellence in Electromagnetics to promote contributions of the Turkish students/researchers in Turkey to the field of Electromagnetics since 2007. Each year, the total sum of the award is 5,000 USD. According to Prof. Felsen’s will, the selection is done based on priorities of being Graduate/PhD student and publications from research done in Turkey.

We congratulate our graduate and wish him continued success.

About Dr. Kamil Karaçuha

Dr. Kamil Karaçuha graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering in 2017 and from the Physics department of the same university the following year. Between 2017-2021, he completed his Ph.D. studies in Istanbul Technical University Informatics Institute, Applied Informatics program. During this time, he worked as a research assistant at the same institution. During his Ph.D. studies, he conducted research on analytical and numerical methods in electromagnetics, antenna and scattering problems. In addition, with the support of Vodafone Future Lab, he continued his data modeling, antenna and theoretical electromagnetics studies within the scope of projects.

In 2021, he completed the Sociology undergraduate program at Anadolu University Open Education Faculty. He is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at Istanbul Technical University. Kamil Karaçuha has over ten international articles and over ten international conference papers.


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