The 14th International Information Security and Cryptology Conference (ISC Turkey 2021), was held on 2-3 December 2021 at the Presidential National Library in Ankara. ISC Turkey is considered as one of the most important events where scientific and industrial studies of our country are shared, university-public-industry cooperation is developed, the society is informed and educated, and in addition to these, information exchange between scientists, researchers and sectoral practitioners is ensured.

At the conference (, three papers with the following titles were presented by the faculty members of ITU Informatics Institute:

1. Android Ön yüklü Uygulamaların Kullanıcı Mahremiyetine Etkileri
2. Towards Zero Trust: The Design and Implementation of a Secure End-Point Device for Remote Working
3. Exploring and Improving the Usability of ModSecurity Web Application Firewall